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AU Training Provider

One recognition to offer 3 courses! 

Benefits of becoming an Agile United (AU) Recognized Training Provider:

  • You are listed on the AU United website and have the option to have your company profile on the Brightest website, with the ability to upload your AU courses with your own registration links

  • You receive marketing materials and the ability to use the AU logo in association with your courses

  • You are among the first to receive updates

  • You are recommended to clients who request training directly from AU in your area

There are 3 main steps to becoming an AU Recognized Training Provider:

  1. Trainers are AU Certified for the course you wish to get recognized for

  2. You confirm that your training materials cover the AU syllabus you wish to get recognized for

  3. You sign an Agreement with AU United and pay the recognition fee. ​

Step 1: (Trainers) 

A qualification form shall be filled out by each trainer that the training provider wishes to have recognized. All trainers must be AU certified before they can administer an Agile United course. Train-The-Trainer courses are available for trainers who feel they need a little more support in the area. 

Step 2: (Materials)

The official AU materials can be licensed directly from AU via Brightest. However, AU training providers are not required to use these official materials to offer AU courses. If you confirm that your own materials encompass the full syllabus of the AU course you wish to administer, you can use these as well. Agile United will run some quality checks and if the pass rates of a trainer's students are less than average, the trainer may be required to attend a Train-The-Trainer session with an Agile United Master Trainer. 

The official AU Training Materials include:

  • Training Slides in a printable and presentable format.

  • A full additional 40-question mock exam — built in the format of the official exam, with completely different questions. The answers and explanations are included separately, so the trainer can discuss them with the students in an interactive way.

  • All required practical hands-on exercises.

  • Trainer Notes and Set-up guide

Step 3: (Agreement & Payment)
Agile United has a standard agreement which shall be signed by any party wishing to offer Agile United courses. 

The Recognition cost for being an official AU Training Provider is:

  • 500€ per year

  • 900€ for 2 years

  • 1,200€ for 3 years

Contact us today and join our growing community.

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