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Verity Software

At Verity Software, we provide our customers with comprehensive customer training programs to ensure clients can derive maximum benefit from our solutions as quickly and easily as possible. Training programs can be tailored to meet the needs of all types of users including the project team, super users and regular users.

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De Agile Testers

We are the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium! We can only be and stay the best in our profession by encouraging new top-testers to grow, and give them the opportunity to grow even further through training, sharing knowledge and following workshops and seminars, anywhere in the world. 

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Next Training Courses

Carlo van Driel


AU Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing (CPAT)

March 2-4, 2020

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Kyle Siemens

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AU Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing (CPAT)


March 2-5, 2020

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Vinay Baid

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AU Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing (CPAT)

April, 2020

Bangalore, India

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